2015-09-02  |  Radio  |  Fresh 102.7 Carson & Cane  |  7:25am & 8:25am EDT  |  New York, NY
(Phone interview from London)
Source   Interview Audio      

2015-09-02  |  Radio  |  Planet Radio Interview  |  6:30am CEST  |  Frankfurt, Germany
(Prerecorded 8/26.  Show begins 5:50am CEST, Adam expected at 6:30am CEST, 12:30am EDT)

2015-09-02  |  Televised  |  Lorraine on ITV  |  8:30-9:30am BST   |  London, United Kingdom
(Submit questions by 5:00pm BST, 12:00pm EDT on 8/31; must be 18+; Submission Instructions)
Possible Stream  (Geo-blocked in some areas)  Another Stream 

2015-09-03  |  Promo  |  Warner Music Denmark Instagram & Snapchat Takeover  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
Source   WarnerMusicDenmark Instagram  Snapchat: dkwarnermusic        

2015-09-03  |  Radio  |  Nova FM DK  |  10:00am CEST  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
(This interview was not aired live at time announced; must have recorded to air later)
Source 1   Source 2   World Clock   Listen Live  (4:00am EDT)  

2015-09-03  |  Radio  |  Smag pa P3 Interview  |  12:00-3:00pm CEST  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
(Show airs 12-3pm CEST, 6-9am EDT; Adam's segment expected at 1pm CEST, 7am EDT) 

2015-09-04  |  Studio Music  |  The Dome Vol. 75 CD Release  |  Germany  
(2-disk compilation, "Ghost Town" included on disk 2) 

2015-09-04  |  Radio  |  The Voice DK Radio w/ Chriz & Heino  |  6:30-9:30am CEST  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
(Prerecorded on 9/3; show airs 12:30-3:30am EDT)

2015-09-04  |  Article  |  Heute Interview  |  Vienna, Austria
(Interview took place today, but publish date of article is unknown)
Source 1   Website    

2015-09-04  |  Radio  |  Hit Radio O3  |  Vienna, Austria  
(Possible interview with this station, but not confirmed)  

2015-09-04  |  Televised  |  ESKA Music Awards  |  8:00pm CEST  |  Szczecin, Poland
(Rebroadcast of show originally aired on 8/29; begins at 2:00pm EDT)

2015-09-05  |  Televised  |  Fusion Festival 2015: The Best Bits on 4Music  |  3:00pm BST  |  United Kingdom
(Program will be shown on channels Freeview 18, Sky 360, and Virgin 330)    
Source 1   Source 2   World Clock   Video Stream Info  (10:00am EDT) 

2015-09-06  |  Televised  |  Dzien Dobry TVN  |  8:30-11:00am CEST  |  Warsaw, Poland
(Prerecorded 8/27 in Old Town; the show airs 2:30-5:00am EDT)  

2015-09-06  |  Radio  |  Pop FM  |  3:00-3:30pm CEST  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
(Prerecorded 9/3; airing interview at 9:00-9:30am EDT) 

2015-09-07  |  Radio  |  Virgin Radio Paris Interview  |  3:30pm CEST  |  Paris, France
(They will interview Adam around 3:30pm CEST, 9:30am EDT, and air the interview on 9/13)
Source  (Submit questions for Adam to @LionelVirgin until 9/7 at 1pm CEST, 7am EDT)

2015-09-07  |  Televised  |  The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS)  |  Los Angeles, CA
(rebroadcast; originally aired 7/16/15; check local listings for times; 11:37pm CT, 12:37am ET 9/8) 

2015-09-09  |  Televised  |  Breakfast Show Pytanie na Sniadanie  |  8:00am CEST  |  Warsaw, Poland
Source   World Clock   Stream   (2:00am EDT)  

2015-09-09  |  Televised  |  The Talk (CBS)  |  2-3pm ET / 1-2pm CT / 1-2pm PT  |  Los Angeles, CA
(Rebroadcast, originally aired 7/20 with other guest Chris Colfer)
Source 1   Source 2     

2015-09-10  |  Promo  |  Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference  |  Copacabana Palace Hotel  |  11:00am BRT  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(RUMOR, not officially announced yet; 10:00am EDT)  

Possible news conference media sources via @marisa_965   TwitLonger
"Hey, bbs, this is all the info I have about the QAL press conference tomorrow. Not sure there will be a stream. This list has sites and TV news that might show it live, or might have video afterwards."
Globo News
RJ TV - 12:00pm BRT/11:00am EDT
Jornal Hoje - 1:20pm BRT/12:20pm EDT

2015-09-14  |  Prep  |  Queen + Adam Lambert Rehearsal  |  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Source   (Rehearsing full production at Ibirapuera Arena)

2015-09-14  |  Televised  |  Ahora Noticias Queen + Adam Lambert Interview  |  9:00pm CLT  |  Santiago, Chile
(Prerecorded 9/10 at press conference; interviewer plans to post video link; show starts at 8:00pm EDT)
Official Stream   (geo-blocked for Chile only)   Possible Stream  (international)   

2015-09-15  |  Radio  |  Mix Tudo Interview and M&G  |  8:00-9:00pm BRT  |  Sao Paulo, Brazil
(The Mix Tudo show is on Radio Mix FM 8-9pm BRT, but they may not air his interview today)
Source 1   Source 2   World Clock   Listen Live   (7:00-8:00pm EDT)   

2015-09-16  |  Concert  |  Queen + Adam Lambert at Ibirapuera Arena  |  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Times:      Doors @ 7:00pm BRT/6:00 EDT -- Show @ 10:00pm BRT/9:00pm EDT  
Streams:  Possible Periscope via scubadan21 (if he can access WiFi)
                Possible Mixlr audio via leathers-flame (only moderate reception) 

2015-09-17  |  Radio  |  RadioOne 103.7 Interview and M&G  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Meet & Greet with Adam for their contest winners; not sure of time or if interview will be aired today)

2015-09-18  |  Televised  |  Sunrise (Channel 7)  |  Sydney, Australia
(Show traveling this week; Dubai/Mon, London/Tue, New York/Wed, Niagara Falls/Thu, Cancun/Fri)
Times:      Show @ 6:00-9:00am AEST 9/18, 4:00-7:00pm EDT 9/17  World Clock  
                Adam's segment expected @ 7:50am AEST 9/18, 5:50pm EDT 9/17  World Clock 
Streams:  Official Stream  (stream not available in all locations) 
                International Stream    

2015-09-18  |  Studio Music  |  Radio 538 Hit Zone 75 CD Release  |  Netherlands
(Compilation 2-CD set includes "Ghost Town"; Adam performs at "538 Live XXL" 10/10)

2015-09-18  |  Interview  |  POPline Interview  |  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Interview occurred on 9/17 at the Copacabana Palace Hotel; posting date unknown)  

2015-09-18  |  Concert  |  Queen + Adam Lambert at Rock in Rio (World Stage)  |  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Q+AL TimesWorld Clock  Q+AL set scheduled to begin at 11:00pm EDT, midnight BRT
Official Streams:   AOL Rock in Rio   Rock in Rio USA   Brazil Only 
Other StreamsYahoo Rock in Rio   TV Multishow   YouTube RockInRioEuvou   
Audio StreamRadioUNO Rock in Rio
TV Broadcast:  Multishow   TV Toss   (festival TV broadcast begins 1pm EDT, 2pm BRT) 
Additional info about streams via @vistadiva: "RIR says the World Stage shows (inc. QAL) will only be on TV. Not streamed."  (If this is the case, use the "TV Broadcast" streams above.) 

2015-09-20  |  Radio  |  P7 Mix Moder  |  12:00pm-2:00pm CEST  |  Copenhagen, Denmark
(Prerecorded 9/3, show scheduled for 6:00am-8:00am EDT)  

2015-09-21  |  Televised  |  MIX TV Interview  |  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Source 1   Source 2   Source 3  (Interview was prerecorded 9/15)
Times:       7:00pm BRT, 6:00pm EDT  World Clock
Streams:   Mix TV 1    Mix TV 2

2015-09-21  |  Concert  |  Queen + Adam Lambert at Gigantinho Arena  |  Porto Alegre, Brazil
Times:      Doors @ 6:00pm BRT/5:00pm EDT -- Show @ 9:00pm BRT/8:00pm EDT  
Streams:  Possible Periscope via scubadan21 (if he can access WiFi) 

2015-09-22  |  Tickets  |  Radio Presale for 10/28 Mix 96.5 Radio Concert "Ghost Town" featuring Adam  |  Revention Music Center  |  Houston, TX
(Radio Presale code "MIX965", other presales begin 9/23 & 9/24, general public sale begins 9/25)  
(Show also features Houston DJ Athenz and a costume contest w/ prizes 1st $2,000 and 2nd $1,000) 

2015-09-22  |  Radio  |  KISS Proton  |  Prague, Czech Republic
Source   (1-hour segment featuring Adam; will be repeated on 9/27) 
Time:      9:00-10:00pm CEST, 3:00-4:00pm EDT   World Clock   
Stream:   KISS Proton   

2015-09-25  |  Studio Music  |  Bravo Hits Vol. 91 CD Release  |  Germany
(Compilation 2-CD set includes "Ghost Town" on Disk 1)

2015-09-25  |  Studio Music  |  DJs The New Superstars CD Release  |  Germany
(Compilation 2-CD set connected to documentary airing on VOX 10/3 and includes "Ghost Town")

2015-09-25  |  Tickets  |  General Public Sale for 10/28 Mix 96.5 Radio Concert "Ghost Town" featuring Adam  |  Revention Music Center  |  Houston, TX    
(Show also features Houston DJ Athenz and a costume contest w/ prizes 1st $2,000 and 2nd $1,000) 

2015-09-25  |  Concert  |  Queen + Adam Lambert at GEBA Arena  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Times:  9:30pm ART, 8:30pm EDT   World Clock
Video Streams:  (only if WiFi is available)  Ustream vanglam76 -- Periscope scubadan21    
Audio Streams:  Radio (live international stream) La100 99.9 -- Mixlr joyzgolden   

2015-09-26  |  Radio  |  FM 93.5 Touche Airs Q+AL Buenos Aires Concert  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Source 1   Source 2   Source 3   (not specified if recording being aired is edited or the entire show)
Times:  10:00pm ART, 9:00pm EDT  World Clock  
Audio Stream:  93.5 FM Touche
This radio station is not airing Q+AL tonight. They plan to air a different concert.

2015-09-27  |  Radio  |  Repeat of KISS Proton "Music Story - Adam Lambert"  |  Plzen, Czech Republic
Source 1   Source 2  (1-hour segment about Adam and his music; originally aired on 9/22)  Show Translation
Time:  9:00-10:00pm CEST, 3:00-4:00pm EDT   World Clock    
Stream:   KISS Proton   

2015-09-27  |  Concert  |  Queen + Adam Lambert at Orefo Superdomo  |  Cordoba, Argentina
Times:  8:30pm ART, 7:30pm EDT   World Clock
Stream:  UStream amlamla2     

2015-09-29  |  Radio  |  Deep & Shallow with Andy Cohen  |  7:00am ET/PT  |  New York, NY
(SiriusXM Channel 102 Radio Andy. This show airs at 7am ET/PT Mon-Fri each week, and is rebroadcast at various times throughout the day.  The show can also be listened to on demand at, but listening live or on demand requires a subscription.)   

2015-09-30  |  Tickets  |  Ticket Pre-Sale for Q104 Holiday Show 12/7  |  Cleveland, OH  
Source   Event Details   (Show will be at Connor Palace at Playhouse Square; Echosmith also performing)  
Times:  Pre-sale begins 9/30 10:00am EDT and ends 10/1 10:00pm EDT  World Clock 
Tickets:  Buy Tickets  (Pre-Sale Code = Q104)

2015-09-30  |  Concert |  Queen + Adam Lambert at Pista Atletica National Stadium  |  Santiago, Chile
Times:  Doors 6:00pm CLT, 5:00pm EDT -- Show 9:00pm CLT, 8:00pm EDT   World Clock
Stream:  Mixlr sandyrk -- (another possibly only if can get connection)  Mixlr amlamla1  UStream amlamla2      

2015-09-??  |  Video  |  CGM Interview  |  Warsaw, Poland
(Prerecorded 8/28, interviewer posted 9/16 that fans can see it soon)


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