*As of 7AM Central/8AM Eastern today. Gathered from radio spins from yesterday.

25 23 ADAM LAMBERT Ghost Town 4005 3868 137 18.528

+34 Spins
+66 Bullet
+0.495 Audience

18 17 ADAM LAMBERT Ghost Town 2362 2279 83 12.203

+2 Spins
+7 Bullet
-0.085 Audience

29 41 ADAM LAMBERT Ghost Town 40 68 -28 0.227
(basically one station spinning but it is good for the overall AI for BB100)

Combined AI for BB100 Purposes is 30.968 AI (increased .368  million )
Peak Positions: CHR #23, HAC #16

Billboard Hot 100: #74(+3) Ghost Town, @adamlambert [11 weeks]. *peak #67*

Billboard 200: #156(=) The Original High, @adamlambert [11 weeks]. *peak #3*

Ghost Town #112 Explicit Version, #518 Clean Version, #92 Combined

Ghost Town
Whataya Want From Me
The Original High
Another Lonely Night

Ghost Town Official Music Video



Other Relevant Numbers:

Ghost Town:
Australia - Gold 2015-07-09Platinum  2015-08-13
Denmark - Gold 2015-09-02
Poland - Gold   2015-08-24
The Netherlands - Platinum  2015-07-24

Seven songs above GT are falling: Weeknd ICFMY, Omi Cheerleader, Skrillex WAYN, Rachel Platten Fight Song, Swifty BB, Zedd Beautiful Now, Derulo Cheyenne. The only song threatening behind right now is Macklemore's new one. Watch out for Calvin Harris's new one too. There are no big releases on the horizon for a little while. If GT can hold on a little longer, it could make some moves upward. Combined itunes is good enough to get a top 20 single but it needs to move up with the increased airplay. Adam will be on The Talk (re-run) on Wednesday so that should help. Also, the MTV awards impact should start decreasing. Everyone should stream on Spotify. He has been in top 100 for a while but dropped off the last two days.

*All numbers are fan gathered data. They are not official, but accurate to the best of our abilities.
These are gathered by the team of Chartreuse Ambertle and are meant for fun, not debate.*


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