*As of 7AM Central/8AM Eastern today. Gathered from radio spins from yesterday.

23 23 Ghost Town 4116 3971 145 21.372

+33 Spins
+52 Bullet
+0.368 Audience

18 18 Ghost Town 2369 2360 9 12.210

-17 Spins
-32 Bullet
-0.109 Audience

Combined AI for BB100 Purposes is 33.582 AI (increased .259 million )


Peak Positions: CHR #23, HAC #16

Published (Official) Radio Charts: GhostTown is #23 on Top 40/Pop 
and #17 on Hot AC.

Billboard Hot 100: Ghost Town #72 (+2) [12 weeks]  *peak #67*

Billboard 200: The Original High #157 (-1) [12 weeks]  *peak #3*

Ghost Town #104 Explicit Version, #513 Clean Version, #89 Combined

Ghost Town 54,897,828
Whataya Want From Me 25,895,268
The Original High1,394,772
Another Lonely Night 1,895,131
Rumors 1,028,933

Ghost Town Official Music Video 24,280,733


GT is #1 on Major Russian Radio Chart.

GT moved up to #17 on the German Singles radio chart (top 20). It has been 23 for 3 weeks. I believe this is like our BB100 based on sales, radio, streaming. http://www.mtv.de/charts/5-hitlist-germany-top-100

Other Relevant Numbers:

Ghost Town:
Australia - Gold 2015-07-09Platinum  2015-08-13
Denmark - Gold 2015-09-02
Poland - Gold   2015-08-24
The Netherlands - Platinum  2015-07-24

GT passed Derulo today. Should pass Flo Rida Tomorrow. Should end the week at a new OFFICIAL peak of 22 by Sunday. Watch for Nick Jonas coming from behind. He is getting AT40 spins this weekend. He may also get his first SNOL spins. He could pass next week. Looking ahead to next week, GT should pass Zedd. Skrillex will go recurrent as soon as it drops out of top 10. GT could be #21 or #20 by 9/20/15 if it keeps gaining spins.

People are asking about the rules for the song to go recurrent. GT will be eligible to go recurrent on 10/4 (meaning it meets the first requirement of being on the charts for 20 weeks). It will have to get 2 negative updates after those 20 weeks on the official Sunday chart also. For all formats except Country and AC: Songs below No. 10 are removed from the chart after 20 weeks provided they have peaked in the Top 10. If a song has not peaked in the Top 10, it must be down in spins for two consecutive weeks and have been on the chart over 20 weeks. As long as it keeps getting positive spins on the Sunday updates, it won't matter that it has been on the chart 20 or 30 weeks. It has to get 2 negative updates to matter after the twenty weeks. - See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/103947/mediabase-revises-recurrent-rules

*All numbers are fan gathered data. They are not official, but accurate to the best of our abilities. These are gathered by the team of Chartreuse Ambertle and are meant for fun, not debate.*


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