Adam Lambert: "Nie przepraszam za to kim jestem"
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A quick translation of what lector said (sorry for grammatical errors) -  fortunately in the background you can hear the voice of Adam and Gabi :) )

The world learned of the existence of Adam during the 8th edition of American Idol, where Adam took the 2nd place. Impressed by his vocal was also the band Queen, invited him to joint their concerts.

However, Adam Lambert has always dreamed of a solo career.

G: “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Gabi”.

A: “Hi, I’m Adam”

G: “You look just like that guy from the poster“

A: “It’s me”

G: “Ready for the best ride in your life?“

A: “All right”

G: “It will certainly be fun, taking into account the fact that I received a driver’s license a week ago“

A: “Hahaha hahaha”

G: “This, of course, a joke, do not be afraid, I can show you my  driver’s license, what you believe“

A: “Don’t need, I trust to you“

G: “If you happen to drive or one someone takes you?“

A: “I like driving in LA, I drive whenever I can. I often hear: ‘we will bring a car to get you’. I answer mostly: no need,it’s ok, I’ll drive. I like doing things myself, it makes to keep my feelings normal.“

G: We’re almost there, I think for a while it gets sentimental.

G: “Scene is the place where you grew up“

A: “Yes, my parents enrolled me at the theater, I was 9 years old, then I liked really impersonate another, I liked to dressing up”

G: “Or you liked to imitate?”

A: “I liked to dress up, imitate someone, to wear costumes, entertain people, I worked in theater, thereby earning money and I paid the rent, up to 25-26. Then I started to fantasize, to be just myself on stage.”

G: “Some say that they were actors, because in life were very tentative”

A: “Now I’m not shy, but when I was a teen, the scene was a place where I felt that I can do anything, on stage. In real life, I was rather secretive and withdrawn. You know, when you’re standing on stage you get a permission you be who you wanna be.“

G: “Tell me, a singing is only a job for you now, or do you ever sing for yourself or your friends, not in concert halls?”

A: “Yeah, I sing in the shower all the time“

G: “And which songs?”

A: “My heart is a ghost town” & then G: “My heart is a ghost town”

G: “Welcome to Warsaw’s Old Town“

A: “Beautifully here“ - They met a street band were playing Ghost Town and WWFM! - “You planned it, right?… hahahaha”

G: “No, no, no! It’s accidental! really!”

A: “Hahahaha. Nice! Nice! Excellent choice of song” & the band: “Nice!”

G: “Simon Cowell on American Idol told you that you’re very theatrical. In your private life, but there is no room for pretending to be someone you are not. You’ve always been very open when it comes to the fact that you’re gay.“

A: “Yeah, from fans always I heard that it’s good that I’m so open and I didn’t apologize for who really I am. Certainly it helped that I grew up in a very supportive to me, a loving family. I’m really grateful for that.“

G: “But do you remember moments that were uncomfortable for you? an articles about you?“

A: “No, no, everything was great/fine until the moment when I became famous. It was the first time I realized that the rest of the world sees it a little differently sometimes. It was like sobering.“

G: “Before I take you back, back for a moment to the music. Do you have any song from your childhood, that you love, that you always remember, that you loved to sing?“

A: “Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time... & G: “Yeah, Adam!”…

A: “...When we first met girl...”

….You drove me around Warsaw, hahaha“

A & G: “High five!“


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