(work in progress)

Doors @ 7:00pm BRT/6:00 EDT -- Show @ 10:00pm BRT/9:00pm EDT  

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Set List:
1. One Vision
2. Stone Cold Crazy
3. Another One Bites the Dust
4. Fat Bottomed Girls
5.In The Lap of the gods
6. Seven Seas of Rhye
7. Killer Queen
8. Don't Stop Me Now
9. I Want to Break Free
10.Somebody to Love
11. Love of My Life (Brian)
12. '39
13. Days of Our Lives
14. Bass Solo
15. Drum Battle
16. Under Pressure
17. Save Me
18. Ghost Town (first time with Queen)
19. Who Wants to Live Forever
20. Guitar Solo
21. Tie Your Mother Down
22. Sing Along/I Want It All
23. Radio GaGa
24. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
25. Show Must Go On
26. Bohemian Rhapsody
27. We Will Rock You
28. We Are The Champions

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