*As of 7AM Central/8AM Eastern today. Gathered from radio spins from yesterday.

23 21 Ghost Town 4101 4116 -15 19.872

+40 Spins
+7 Bullet
-0.339 Audience

18 19 Ghost Town 2332 2369 -37 11.863

+11 Spins
+29 Bullet
+0.028 Audience

Combined AI for BB100 Purposes is 31.735 AI (decreased .311 million)

Peak Positions: CHR #22, HAC #16

Published (Official) Radio Charts: Ghost Town is #22 on Top 40/Pop 
and #18 on Hot AC.

Billboard Hot 100: Ghost Town #64 (+8) [13 weeks]  *new peak #64*

Billboard 200: The Original High #168 (-11) [13 weeks]  *peak #3*

Ghost Town #112 Explicit Version, #389 Clean Version, #90 Combined

Ghost Town 60,539,682
Whataya Want From Me 26,046,643
The Original High 1,477,291
Another Lonely Night 1,996,344
Rumors 1,092,869

Ghost Town Official Music Video 26,219,708



Other Relevant Numbers:

Ghost Town:
Australia - Gold 2015-07-09Platinum  2015-08-13
Denmark - Gold 2015-09-02
Poland - Gold   2015-08-24, Platinum 2015-09-16 (new today)
The Netherlands - Platinum  2015-07-24

Top 20 is looking good now. As expected, GT passed 5SOS. It is at 21 this morning. Skrillex goes recurrent Sunday which puts GT at 20 for the official update. Calvin Harris is 400 spins behind. Since Calvin has gotten AT40 and SNOL last week, it won't be picking up huge increases. Platten is 985 spins ahead. I don't see her dropping that fast over the weekend but it could happen which would put GT at 19. GT may have a negative update tomorrow as it lost a PC spin and has a +50 comparative. But as long as it doesn't have a huge drop Sat or Sun, it will end up at 20. Being 21 on the official chart is guaranteed (which will be a new official peak) on Sunday. BUT top 20 is very possible and looks better today than it did yesterday. The song will peak this week though. It looks like it will drop slowly enough to go recurrent on 10/4. A recurrent top 20 hit is AWESOME. Crossing fingers on the top 20!

*All numbers are fan gathered data. They are not official, but accurate to the best of our abilities. These are gathered by the team of Chartreuse Ambertle and are meant for fun, not debate.*


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