Welcome to a place you can call your own, guys. My aim with this site is to gather all visual and audio media relating to Adam's career so we can track as well as keep abreast of his career.

Thanks to the mobile revolution we no longer rely on official or magazine media to see and hear what Adam is doing. We can enjoy media that we ourselves capture. Best of all, we know Adam himself likes our participation and often tweets video footage taken by fans! We also know he is not averse to us seeing candid pics or gifs of himself - and often tweets them too.

So please enjoy watching this artist grow and develop in every stage of his career. If you search the archives you can see performances from his pre-Idol years, Idol experience, his album and video releases, his performances with Queen- right up to the present day. If you go to Categories in the Menu Bar you can take a look at all his various Television appearances, or take a cruise through all the Candid pics on the site. Or watch his extraordinary performances with Queen.

Because I am constantly updating or searching for media please visit me on twitter @devenlane and let me know if you have any information, leads, suggestions or requests.

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Change is Gonna Come, Idol 2009

Sleepwalker, Jay Leno Show, 2010

Strut, performed on Ellen Show, 2010

Trespassing on New Now Next Awards, 2012

Pop That Lock, That 80s Show, China, 2012

Performing with Queen at the EMAs,2011


Many thanks to all the wonderful people who allow me to use their pics, video and audio on this media site. And special thanks to Ninni, who created the gorgeous banner for this page. 


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