2013-07-10 Glee: Announcement - Adam Joins Season 5 Cast
2013-07-16 Entertainment Tonight - Adam on Glee mention
2013-08-07 Chris Colfer Mentions Adam on Glee at Kelly & Michael Show
2013-08-07 Yahoo Screen Mentions Adam on Glee
2013-08-13 Glee: Season 5 Preview
2013-09-26 Candid: First Day of Shooting Episode 5x04 on Glee Set
2013-10-10 Glee: Promo for Ep. 5x04 'A Katy or a Gaga'
2013-10-24 Glee: Preview for Season 5 Episode 4 'A Katy or a Gaga'
2013-10-30 Glee: Studio Version of 'Marry The Night' from Episode 05x4
2013-10-30 Glee: Adam Welcome's Demi Lovato to Glee
2013-11-04 Glee: Introduces Adam Lambert plus Glee Sneak Peek Ep 5x04
2013-11-07 Glee: Televised Ep 5x04 'A Katy or a Gaga'
2013-11-07 Glee: Ep 5x04 'A Katy or a GaGa' Improved A Capella Audio
2013-11-07 Demi Lovato About Adam Lambert
2013-11-13 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' New Pics
2013-11-20 Glee: Shooting Ep 5x09 'Frenemies' All Day
2013-11-21 Glee: Episode 5x07 'Puppet Master' Promo
2013-11-22 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' New Pics
2013-11-23 Glee: BTS - Building Starchild's Apartment
2013-11-24 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' New Pics & Audio
2013-11-25 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' Sneak Peak
2013-11-27 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' Web Videos
2013-11-28 Glee: Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master' Televised Show
2013-12-05 Glee: Dance Rehearsal with Lea Michele-L.A.
2013-12-06 Glee: Filming of Ep 5X10 'Trio' - Behind the Scenes
2013-12-12 Glee: Behind The Scenes of Ep 5x07 'Puppet Master'
2014-02-06 Candid: Shooting Glee-L.A.
2014-02-19 Glee: 5X09 'Frenemies' - Promo
2014-02-21 Glee: Episode 5X09 'Frenemies' - Sneak Peek
2014-02-23 Glee: Studio Music for Ep 5X09 - "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"
2014-02-25 Glee: Ep 5X09 'Frenemies' - Televised
2014-02-27 Glee: Ep 5X10 "Trio" - Promo
2014-02-28 Glee: Ep 5X10 'Trio' - Promo
2014-03-02 Glee: Ep 5X10 'Trio' - Studio Music
2014-03-04 Glee: Behind The Scenes at 'Trio' Shoot
2014-03-04 Glee: Ep 5X10 'Trio' - Televised
2014-03-17 Glee: Ep 5X14 'New York New York' - Pictures
2014-03-17 E! Online - Darren Criss Praises Adam on Glee
2014-03-25 Glee: Ep 5X14 'New New York' - Promo
2014-03-30 Glee: Ep 5X14 'New New York' - Studio Music
2014-04-01 Glee: Ep 5X14 'New New York' - Televised
2014-09-29 Glee: Behind The Scenes
2014-11-27 Glee: DVD For Sale - Promo Via TVGroove-Japan


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