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Conversation with Shosh since deleted courtesy IDF:
mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 7m7 minutes ago
@shoshannastone I'm just curious. I see you represent Usher who is with RCA and others who are with WBR. So Edge is not connected to one co?

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm
@shoshannastone As in, your clients are the artists not the labels?

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm correct - we rep the artist not the label so we work with all the labels and also across everything else the artist does

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 16m16 minutes ago
@shoshannastone WOW! That's a lot of people to "stay on the good side of" in your job. You must have the patience of a saint!

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm I'm not the only person at edge wink.gif artist and management are our team

mmadamimadamm · 3h 3 hours ago
@shoshannastone Oh, I realize that. I'm just saying if you have an artist that gets dropped by label 'A', while another gets picked up by...

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 19m19 minutes ago
@shoshannastone the same label "A", you have to commiserate with the dropped artist while showing excitement for the newly picked up one.

mmadamimadamm · 3h 3 hours ago
@shoshannastone That's a lot of ball juggling! Respect, gurlll!!!!

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone 13m13 minutes ago
@mmadamimadamm it doesn't really work like that. People change labels, it's not a big deal.

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 11m11 minutes ago
@shoshannastone Really? I would have thought that "label switching" is very stressful for artists. Goes to show you what I know! LOL!

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm nah. They all have the same structure

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 1h1 hour ago
@shoshannastone No, what I meant is being 'between' labels, whether the artist left or was dropped, must be stressful on the artist.

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm depends on the situation - not if you are being courted by others

mmadamimadamm @mmadamimadamm · 2h 2 hours ago
@shoshannastone True! I love that word "courted", very British and underused word!

naomi blue ‏@bluefarge 16m16 minutes ago
@shoshannastone @mmadamimadamm how long have you been working with Adam?

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@bluefarge @mmadamimadamm 5 years

mmadamimadamm · 2h 2 hours ago
@shoshannastone @xxmisswendyxx It's been 6 years since I 'discovered' Adam and have loved every minute of the ride!!!! original.gif

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone 42m42 minutes ago
@mmadamimadamm @xxmisswendyxx we kind of worked together at sony, so if you count that it must be around 6 years too

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 16m16 minutes ago
@shoshannastone @bluefarge He must be a lot of fun to represent but a pain in the neck when he decides to yak on and on and on when you need

mmadamimadamm ‏@mmadamimadamm 17m17 minutes ago
@shoshannastone @bluefarge him to move along a red carpet... ROFLMAO! He would give me even more grey hair that what I have! LOL!

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm @bluefarge nah, I adore him

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@mmadamimadamm @bluefarge oh they all do that. That's their job. And my job is to be the bad cop

mmadamimadamm @mmadamimadamm · 3h 3 hours ago
@shoshannastone @Bluefarge You were very cute at The Brits Awards trying to get Adam to move on! LOL!

mmadamimadamm @mmadamimadamm · 3h 3 hours ago
@shoshannastone @Bluefarge The 'curry' interview could have been an episode of Seinfeld! ROFLMAO! Loved it!

Waiting for #TOH! ‏@orallen567 41m41 minutes ago
@mmadamimadamm @shoshannastone @xxmisswendyxx I wish I hadn't discovered Adam so late... sad.gif

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@orallen567 @mmadamimadamm @xxmisswendyxx the best is yet to come

MusicTramp ‏@musictramp 37m37 minutes ago
@shoshannastone @mmadamimadamm I feel sorry for those who weren't around when Adam was so unguarded and open, but he's adjusted beautifully.

shoshanna stone‏@shoshannastone
@musictramp @mmadamimadamm he's still the same


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