'CLIMBER: The crown-prince'

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Q: What does the title TOH mean?
A: Nearly all songs on the album have somehow to do with longings or the search for something. Sometimes you find what you search for, sometimes you don’t. That is the motive that’s behind the album title.

Q: With your first single you clear your feather-boa-past. Did the artificial person Adam Lambert stop existing?
A: With this song I said goodbye to certain theatrical elements. I don’t see that as something bad today, it’s just that I developed in a different direction. I wanted to do something else. A concrete pop song.

Q: After all, with your glittery outfits you regularly made it onto various “sexiest man alive” hotlists. How is life as a sex symbol?
A: Of course I’m conscious of being a role-model for some people. It feels strange, but sure I’m also flattered. I don’t have that in sight when I’m writing songs or when I’m standing on stage. That has no influence on my artistic career; otherwise that’d be really irritating. I’m still me. I don’t suppress anything, I just enjoy life. Maybe that’s something people like about me. I can’t actually say.

Q: More fan mail from men or women?
A: Clearly women. I think I have a lot more female fans.

Q: But obviously you wanna make both sexes happy: The video for “Ghost Town” is a highly aesthetic pop-meets-fashion-clip in black and white in which you’re wearing a lot of your own clothes. Who is your favorite designer:
A: At the moment I absolutely love the stuff from Saint Laurent. What Hedi Slimane as creative director does, is really on fleek. For the shoot I also ordered a pair of these creepers with super thick soles like the kids are wearing them in the clubs right now. I like it how so many 90’s fashion trends and music trends are current again. As an adolescent I discovered 90’s dance music for me. And also music from Europe. And I think that something you can hear on the album.

Q: What’s something every men should have in his closet?
A: A well-tailored black suit. That’s really the most important piece of clothing for every guy.

Q: With your 2nd Album you were the first openly gay person at the top of the US charts. Would you still call yourself an advocate for gay rights today?
A: No, today not as much as at the beginning of my career. Back then I concentrated on commenting certain issues and to prove, that somebody being openly gay can be a mainstream artist. In the previous years so much has happened – and I have the feeling, that there’s a wide acceptance wrt this topic, not just in the US.

Q: Nevertheless, a lot of countries passed anti-gay bills. Does that worry you?
A: Every change comes with setbacks. Basically there’s much support for the rights of homosexuals; maybe much more than ever. Generally it’s moving forward.


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